Sorry and so embarrassed

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This face pretty much reflects how I am feeling about now. Not as cute, though.

Dang it. For all of you who follow this blog, that last post, Vanilla Bean Cupcakes, was NOT supposed to be published yet. Clearly, if you read it, you know that it was not finished…no pics, no recipe, just a lot of unedited blather.

I had fallen asleep with my computer in my lap this afternoon.  My hand must have accidentally brushed the cursor over the “publish” button and then came to rest on it. I didn’t even find out that I had done it until a few minutes ago…which is about 4 1/2 hours AFTER it all happened.

Sorry about that. And oh boy, am I ever embarrassed. Oy vey.

Do any of you want to fess up and share a moderately embarrassing situation of your own? Come on; you know you all have one. ~Terri


  1. says

    I walked around all day with my shirt on inside out once. Yep, that was pretty embarrassing. Oh, and there was the time I went shopping after a visit to the dentist to have a mold made for a crown… I walked around for hours and not one single person told me I had a glob of blue tooth mold goo stuck to my face.

  2. Helen says

    I was recently putting up new woodland courses on to a web site and I thought everything was going well, even though I had a terrible head cold. Everything was published and the site went live. A few days later, I was kindly told by several people that
    1. That is not how you spell fauna.
    2. There is no Bank Holiday in October for the UK
    3. What does cheese have to do with ‘Timber Frame Building’, and
    4. What does my dog wearing reindeer antlers have to do with using a chainsaw.

    I was able to quickly fix them but just why I did those things, I do not know. I’m still waiting to find out if there is any more mistakes.

  3. Leah says

    Relax! It’s nice to know that those brilliant enough to cook AND blog about it, make occasional mistakes. Very occasional.

    We love you just the way you are – lumps, bumps, calluses and errors completely accepted! 😀

  4. says

    Thank you for the laugh…. I didn’t see it… but to be able to laugh at yourself is probably one of the greatest gifts you can be blessed with! Well… and the capability to say “OY VEY!” Because stuff happens! 🙂 <3 Don't sweat it!!

    • says

      Hi April. Humor is my #1 weapon against total despair. I can only take negative things for so long and then I have to bust out a laugh. I have found that joking with my patients can ease their pain and misery and is invaluable in tense or embarrassing situations. Laughter really is the best medicine.

      This is off subject, but I am a family history/genealogy buff. I noticed your surname, Driggers, and am wondering if the name has any ties to South Carolina or Georgia. There are lots of Driggers in those areas of the U.S. ~Terri

  5. Rie says

    I always get a chuckle here…..Didn’t see the mistaken post, but your apology was adorable…..Don’t sweat the small stuff….You weren’t accidentally pushing IV potassium with a huge air bubble…..Life’s good……Happy, Healthy New Year…..xoxoxoxoxoxox Rie

    • says

      Okay, you have just succeeded in making me throw-up in terror. The thought of doing something like that is worse than one of those nurse dreams/nightmares. You’ve had them, right? Every nurse I know has had those dreams–endlessly giving the wrong meds; it’s the end of your shift and you haven’t seen any of your patients; you’re trying to give report to the oncoming nurse, but you can’t remember anything about any of your patients, not even their names. The IV K+ push with a huge air bubble is definitely nightmare central. Oh gosh! Thanks for bringing things into perspective. 🙂 ~Terri

      • Rie says

        Teehee (as only a nurse can laugh)…….That was my point…..This blog is FUN….if you make a mistake – no big deal…..That was the reason for the “nurse” reference. Any mistake here is absolutely forgivable ….Didn’t mean to induce “n/v”…just want you to know that your ‘followers’ will understand……..Happy, Healthy, Blessed New Year to you and yours…oxoxoxoxooxo (OMG…..I hope I haven’t upset you, or scared you off from my post….honestly….I really am a nice person…..oxoxooxo…..PS…..I have had many ‘nurse nightmares ……YIKES)

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