As I’m writing this post, there are the sounds of hammers, saws, pneumatic nail guns, power driven screw drivers and all sorts of other truly joyous sounds coming from what will be my kitchen. I am happy and grateful.

The floor is almost completely installed–a 2 hour job that has stretched into hour #5, but that’s okay because the men are doing a nice job. The electrician is back, doing some more wiring and installing the canned lights. Annnnnnnnd…..the cabinets have arrived! The installers are attaching the hinges on the doors. And me? I am totally smiling.

I’ve finally narrowed down my lighting choices. THAT is a major step for me.  The following are pictures of my lighting choices:

From Kichler
 Island lighting
From Savoy
Island lighting
Common sense tells me that the Kichler lights will go better with the style of my kitchen. However, the Savoy lights cost less. Is this the time to hold back and cut costs? Probably not. We saved on the cabinets and counter tops because they were 20% off. Plus, I really think that I like the Kichler lights better. I like that fun curved piece on the pendant. It’s kind of sassy–just a single curve hanging out there holding a light.
Bye for now. I’ll try to post some pics either later tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. ~Terri


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    How fun for you to be getting a new kitchen!! I bet it is exciting seeing everything come together. I can’t wait to see photos!! The curved Kichler pendant light is, indeed, cool. I’ve missed your entertaining funny self but can sacrifice for the sake of your kitchen! Poor me, huh? 😉

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