One-Skillet Italian Sausage Pasta

Blessings on your kitchen! This One-Skillet Italian Sausage Pasta is a family pleaser and a beautiful gift to whomever has dish duty the night that you make it.

One-Skillet Italian Sausage Pasta

I do love Italian food. I love the herbs and spices, the wonderful sauces, the cheeses, the flavorful meats, the crusty breads and, of course, the pasta. Italian food seems so fresh and vibrant and alive. And now, because of this One-Skillet Italian Sausage and Pasta, I love that I can have a crowd-pleasing dinner on the table in under an hour. Continue Reading

The Flavor Bible and a Give Away


The winner was announced on this post.

The Flavor Bible collage 2

Are you a recipe tinkerer? Are you the kind of cook that just has to tweak almost every recipe you make? Oh good. I thought that you all might be adventurous kinds of cooks. That’s why I want to introduce one of my favorite books, The Flavor Bible, by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. Continue Reading

Date and Apple Honey Bran Muffins

Whether for breakfast or snacking, Date and Apple Honey Bran Muffins answer the question, “What do I want to eat?”. They are full of good tasting and good-for-you ingredients like Medjool dates, apples, honey, toasted pecans and wheat bran.

Date and Apple Honey Bran Muffins | That's Some Good Cookin' When bran muffins first became all the rage as a weapon against cardio-vascular disease, they left a lot to be desired. The word “cardboard” comes to mind. In taste and in appearance, there was often little difference between bran muffins and ground up cardboard. The muffins were low fat/fat free, low sugar, low anything that would make them taste enjoyable. Sad.

But, what the heck, we ate them anyway because they were “good” for us. After all, we’d live forever; our bodies lean and healthy and our arteries clean as a whistle. We were amazingly determined people for a few years. Continue Reading

German-Style Pot Roast {Sauerbraten}

Often marinated for days in vinegar and wine, German-Style Pot Roast is tangy, sweet and full of rich, beef flavor. In this recipe, the marinating process is replaced by the slow cooking process in a crock pot. Whether you call it German Pot Roast, Bavarian pot roast, or Sauerbratan, dinner is done in hours instead of days.

German-Style Pot Roast  {aka Bavarian Pot Roast or Sauerbraten} | That's Some Good Cookin'

I have a hobby. Well, actually, it is more than a hobby; it is an addiction. I LOVE genealogy, aka Family History. I love finding out about my family and their past, where they came from, what their lives were like and what may have brought them to America.

The earliest ancestors I can find came from England to the American colonies in the early 1600’s, on the next ships after the Mayflower, Continue Reading

Taco Soup

Warm and filling with a bit of spice, taco soup will take you to your happy place.

Taco Soup

When faced with the unending question of “What am I going to make for dinner?”, tried and true family-style recipes win out nearly every time. At least they do at my house.

How often do you ask yourself, “What am I going to make for dinner?” and the answer is, “Oh, I know! I’ll make something complicated with ingredients that I’m pretty sure I don’t have on hand and that I would likely only eat in a restaurant.”

Practically never, right?

For me, whenever the dinner question needs an immediate answer, my favorite go-to recipes Continue Reading