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Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy

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  1. Helen says

    I have just been reading through a few of your recipes (drawn here by the glut of patty pan in my garden) and gleaming some ideas. I think your page will be added to one of my favorites for food ideas.
    Here is a idea for you to try out, if you want, Lavender Butter Biscuits. I recently tried some at a community garden, they were made with the flowers (not the seed heads) and were last years flowers. It was an amazing taste. I have never really thought to eat lavender but it is different. I was not given the recipe but the lady who made them gave me permission to try and create my own. If you have a chance or inclination to try these I would be grateful to see how you did with them.
    Thank you for the ideas

    • says

      Hi, Helen. Lucky you to have patty pan squash. They have always been some of my favorite type of summer squash. The Lavender Butter Biscuits sound really delicious. I have eaten a few things with lavender, including a wonderful lavender fruit drink this summer at the farmer’s market. You’re right, lavender gives food an amazing taste. I accept your challenge to come up with a biscuit recipe using lavender. Thanks for the great idea. ~Terri

    • says

      Diane, thank you so much! It is easy to feel uncomfortable about food blogging because there are so many gifted food bloggers in the world. I am so thankful for people like you who stop and take the time to leave a kind message! Consider yourself hugged. –Terri

  2. George says

    Your choice of light green in your recipe index is difficult to read. A darker color would be appreciated.

  3. says

    Hi! I came across some of your delicious slow cooker recipes and wanted to personally invite you to submit some to my website It’s a brand new page but we already have almost 200 recipes! We’ll post your picture and link the recipe directly to your post. If you have multiple recipes you’d like to submit, you’re welcome to respond to this email with the link or just tell me it’s okay to use your recipes. This will mean increased views for you! We also have a button you can grab to show that you are a featured contributor to Crock Pot Love. We’re looking to add 100+ new recipes this week and will be promoting the site heavily on social media in the coming weeks so we hope you’ll stop by and share your recipes with us!

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