4th of July

4th of July Swig-style Sugar CookiesThe picture above is a 4th of July version of Swig-style Sugar Cookies. The cookies are very easy to make and have become my very favorite sugar cookie.

In our family the 4th of July is second only to Christmas in favorite holidays. We have a long tradition of barbecues and fireworks. LOTS of fireworks! One year when we were in a new house, we discovered that from our roof we could see firework displays from all over the valley. Those of us who were not afraid of heights, climbed onto the roof and sat perched, watching the excitement in the skies for miles around us.

I have always had a love for American history and by extension feel a deep, abiding love and admiration for the people who had the foresight to believe that our country could stand as a sovereign nation. It would be interesting to have our Founding Fathers present and Continue Reading


Ander's 1st b-day 0521

Looking ahead from a bit over a year ago, Thursday, June 19th would have been the day to celebrate Ander’s first birthday. Instead, Ander arrived 8 weeks early and so we celebrated his birthday on April 27th. If you have been with me for over a year, then you probably read about Ander’s early birth.

My daughter was 7 months pregnant when she developed preeclampsia. Continue Reading


Food collage

I have been considering walking away from food blogging–it’s not as if I have been wildly successful at it. After all, if you are not a wildly successful blogger, then what is the point of blogging?

I’ve done all the right things, well at least many of them. It’s not that I don’t have good recipes…enough of them have been used by other bloggers and have received rave reviews–on those other blogs, but not here. Even The Huffington Post noticed one of my photographs and found it worthy of being included on their website.

In almost 4 years of blogging, Continue Reading

Is Your Pinterest Account Safe from Hackers?

Pinterest logoBeware, my lovelies. Even your Pinterest account can be hacked by malicious spammers.

My Pinterest account was hacked sometime during the night. My mug shot still appeared the same, but the info in my header had been changed. It was showing a link to a “chocolate” company in “Paris”. Yeah, right.

Additionally, two boards had been added to my account. Both of them appeared to be associated with financial scamming aimed at homeowners. I have removed both boards. I have also been reviewing all of my boards to see if any unwanted pins have been attached to them. So far, it looks as though everything is okay. Continue Reading

The Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch 2013

A couple of weekends ago I met up with my daughter, her husband, and the grandkadiddles at our favorite pumpkin patch. There are so many varieties of pumpkins that we always have a hard time not filling up multiple wagon loads of them. There are pink, pale green, pale orange, pale yellow, grey, white, and of course, orange. But even among the orange pumpkins there are multiple varieties: smooth, red orange pumpkins; large oblong pumpkins; squat roundish pumpkins;  and little tiny pumpkins. There’s also gnarly, warty pumpkins. For whatever reasons, those give me the creeps.Continue Reading