Swig-style Sugar Cookie Recipe

Swig-style Sugar Cookies

Update 6/4/2014–Without a doubt, this is absolutely, hands down, my favorite sugar cookie. I made these for July 4th and decorated them with white frosting and red, white and blue sprinkles. This time around I used vanilla sugar in place of the regular white sugar and they were especially outstanding. Vanilla sugar is very easy to make. Simply split a vanilla bean lengthwise, scrape out the caviar and stir it into 2 cups of white granulated sugar. Cut the vanilla bean half across the middle so that you now have four pieces. Layer the sugar and the vanilla bean pieces in an airtight container, ending with a layer of sugar. Cover the container and allow the sugar to sit for about a week. I usually make about six cups of sugar at one time.

I’ve been on a bit of sugar cookie search of late, trying to find “the” perfect sugar cookie.

There isn’t one.

Just thought I’d put that out there at the beginning so that you would know that I’m not going to go all “Oh my gosh this is the best sugar cookie I’ve ever eaten. You HAVE to make it right now!!!!”

As with any other cookie, cake, spaghetti sauce, or meatloaf, everyone has their favorite. Well, maybe not meatloaf. It has a bad reputation in some sectors (I’ve been watching Hunger Games, so the word sector is stuck in my vocabulary.) Personally, I like meatloaf, particularly the very tasty Amazing Meatloaf on my blog. It’s been a favorite in my family for a very long time. The sauce is the real key.

Sugar cookies. I’m supposed to be talking about sugar cookies.  So sorry. Continue Reading

Caramel Crispy Rice Treats

Caramel Rice Krispy Treats

When my children were little, I found a different type of Rice Krispie treat recipe that immediately replaced the tried and true Rice Krispie Treat of my own childhood. The recipe was offered in conjunction with some plastic molds that I purchased from one of my favorite local stores, Kitchen Kneads. I still have two molds that I purchased over 20 years ago–a heart and a bear. The idea of the molds was simple: tightly pack them with the crispy rice cereal mixture and then turn the newly formed treat out onto wax paper to cool.

There were lots of different molds and my friends and I LOVED to make the new crispy rice treats for our kids. I don’t know how many bear-shaped treats I made for my children and their friends over the years, but it was in the hundreds or maybe even the thousands!Continue Reading

Almond Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies with Raspberry Jam

Almond Shortbread Thumbrpint Cookies with Raspberry Jam

This post has been two years in the making. True.

Two years ago in December a patient’s husband brought a large platter of fresh, warm cookies for the staff. Among the cookies were some shortbread thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam. Continue Reading

Amish Sugar Cookies with Candy-Coated Chocolate Pieces

Amish Sugar Cookies with M&M's

A few weeks ago my grandson, Gavin (7), asked if he could have a sleepover at my house. The timing was a little off at that time, so we told him that he could sleep over “after Thanksgiving”. Ambiguous, right?

Gavin doesn’t forget anything and last week asked me, “Hey, Mom-Mom? Do you remember that you said I could have a sleepover after Thanksgiving…or was it Arbor Day?”

Yeah, I laughed at that one. Arbor Day? So funny.Continue Reading



Someone at work needed something sweet to make because she was feeling stressed and down in the dumps. She started looking at my Recipe Index and as I looked over her shoulder, I noticed that my list of sweets is absolutely pathetic. I mean, seriously, there is not much in the line of cookies and such. Aren’t food bloggers supposed to have an outrageously over-sized list of cookies, cakes, and other desserts? Aren’t they?

I blame my short list on my chocolate (cocoa) allergy. How many sweets don’t involve chocolate? Not many. It’s really difficult to get excited about making something that one cannot eat. That “one” being me. I’ll tell you something else, too. There is not enough Benedryl on the planet to convince me to take the chocolate plunge ever again.Continue Reading