Spring “Twix” Cookie Bars

Spring TWIX copycat recipe

A few weeks ago I got the incredibly brilliant (insert sarcasm here) idea to make a TWIX® copycat recipe substituting white candy melts for the chocolate. I was feeling pretty confident at the beginning of the journey, but that confidence soon gave way to the brutal reality of recipe development involving baking and candy making. They are as much science and chemistry as they are skill and genuine good luck. Despite those facts, I felt like I wanted a challenge.

Technically speaking, this is not really a TWIX® copycat. It is merely “inspired” by TWIX®. 😉  After doing some recipe research, I found that many TWIX® copycat recipes involve ready-made ingredients such as Continue Reading

Pretzel Chocolate Rounds

Pretzel Chocolate Rounds

Here’s a fast little treat that can be adapted for any occasion just by changing the candy which is put in the middle of the chocolate. As you can see, I have elected to use Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Back in the day before I developed a chocolate allergy, I used to Continue Reading

Crackling Patriotic Bark

Crackling Patriotic Bark {4th of July Bark}This is just pure fun for Independence Day; very easy to make and with the addition of Pop Rocks you get some crackles in your mouth!

The only ingredient in this bark that is measured is the white vanilla bark which is also known as white almond bark or white confectionary coating. DO NOT use white chocolate chips or other white types of chips because they will not melt for pouring or spreading. Yes, they get soft, but not soft enough to pour. The coating needs to be designed to pour when melted. Continue Reading

Microwave Caramels

microwave caramels

There are some things that almost seem too good to be true. When one of my patients gave me this incredibly simple recipe for microwave caramels, I couldn’t believe that they would actually work, but I was so wrong! They are wonderful and so, so easy. (Seems to me I said pretty much the same thing about that Microwave Peanut Brittle recipe…).

These caramels are soft and delicious and perfect. They are everything Continue Reading

Microwave Peanut Brittle

Microwave Peanut BrittlePeanut brittle has always been one of my favorite Holiday treats, but I really hated to make it because it involves technicalities with cooking sugar. I’m not a very patient candy maker and I know that patience is not only a virtue with candy making; it is an absolute. Except in this recipe, which absolutely gets two thumbs up from me because the peanut brittle is made in the microwave.

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