German-Style Pot Roast {Sauerbraten}

Often marinated for days in vinegar and wine, German-Style Pot Roast is tangy, sweet and full of rich, beef flavor. In this recipe, the marinating process is replaced by the slow cooking process in a crock pot. Whether you call it German Pot Roast, Bavarian pot roast, or Sauerbratan, dinner is done in hours instead of days.

German-Style Pot Roast  {aka Bavarian Pot Roast or Sauerbraten} | That's Some Good Cookin'

I have a hobby. Well, actually, it is more than a hobby; it is an addiction. I LOVE genealogy, aka Family History. I love finding out about my family and their past, where they came from, what their lives were like and what may have brought them to America.

The earliest ancestors I can find came from England to the American colonies in the early 1600’s, on the next ships after the Mayflower, Continue Reading

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

I was just perusing the tabs that I have open on my internet browser. My brain is clearly all over the place. There are three tabs for my blog, each one open to a different aspect of blogging; one tab open for one of my email boxes; two tabs open for Pinterest; one tab for a calorie counter for recipes; one tab for blood product administration and one for blood product transfusion reactions; two tabs for curtains for my bedroom; a tab about the evolution of the earth; and seven tabs devoted to genealogy/family history.

When I am on the internet I bounce back and forth between Continue Reading

French Dip Sandwiches {Slow Cooker}

French Dip Sandwiches {Slow Cooker} | that's some good cookin'

The best things in life are free. Take this recipe for French Dip Sandwiches, for instance–totally free!

It’s true, you know. The best things in life really are free. So often we get bogged down in the cost of living and get so wrapped up in our first world problems that we forget to just stop and be grateful.  Continue Reading

Navajo Tacos

Navajo Taco

Navajo tacos bring back good college days memories for me. They filled me up after a day of skiing and got me through finals more than once.

I remember the first time that I encountered a Navajo taco was at BYU’s “Cougar Eat”. Dinner plate-sized Indian fry bread was covered with chili, then piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a dollop of sour cream. Sometimes, I would split a Navajo taco with a roommate, but more often than not I would eat the whole thing all by myself. (Oink, oink!)Continue Reading

Spaghetti and a Meatball

Spaghettit and Meatballs

On top of spaghetti,
All covered with cheese,
I lost my poor meatball,
When somebody sneezed.

It rolled off the table,
And on to the floor,
And then my poor meatball,
Rolled out of the door. Continue Reading