Classic Ranch-Style Dip

Classic Ranch-Style Dip

Got veggies? Got a party or celebration coming up? Got your grump face on and need to crunch something like potato chips and dip? This Classic Ranch-Style Dip has you covered.

A few days ago I asked my husband what his all-time favorite potato chip dip is. He looked a tad sheepish, then said, “The one with sour cream and a package of French onion soup mix.”  Continue Reading

Restaurant-style Salsa

Restaurant-style Homemade Salsa

Nope, you’re not crazy and neither am I and neither is the internet…this time. You have already seen this post, sort of. This is the same salsa that appears in Savory Baked Salsa Cheesecake. It needed it’s own page, so I built one for it here. I’m a builder. I married Bob. Bob the Builder.

Not really. I married John. He’s a computer guy. He’s smart. He can code all sorts of wondrous things, but not blogs. 🙁 That’s okay because he can do many, many other things. He thinks I’m funny and laughs at my jokes. It takes a good man to be married to me and still be able to laugh at my jokes. A good, good man.

So, that’s why this salsa gets its own page–because I’m a builder and John laughs at my jokes. Continue Reading

Savory Baked Salsa Cheesecake

Savory Baked Salsa Cheesecake

Cream cheese and sour cream are wonderfully versatile. Used in desserts or dips, they carry the day.

When I first thought of salsa in a cheesecake, my brain did a twisty thing trying to comprehend something that I only think of as sweet (cheesecake) with something that I only thing of as spicy (salsa). Then I figured it out — Oh. It’s like a spicy baked dip with salsa except that it’s made in a cheesecake pan. Cool.

Savory Baked Salsa Cheesecake

The really  cool thing is how great it looks when it is taken out of the cheesecake pan. It is perfectly formed, can be topped with salsa and sour cream and can be cut into wedges. I love that it can be made a day ahead and I love even more that in a world of a million dips, it is out of the ordinary.Continue Reading

Best Crab Dip Ever

Best Crab Dip

There are very few foods over which I lose control. However, there is something about this crab dip that turns me into a scoop and shove maniac. scoop, shove it in my mouth, repeat, repeat, repeatrepeatrepeatrepeatrepeatrepeatrepeatrepeatrepeatrepeat…breath…cry out in desperation for someone to make me stop eating.

This is crab dip on steroids.Continue Reading

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Anaheim Peppers

Bacon-wrapped Stuffed Anaheim Peppers

Seriously. These are almost against my personal moral food code. Despite the fact that I have some decidedly fat laden recipes on this blog, these “appetizers” give me cause to consider the boundaries of propriety. Should I post them? Should I not post them? Should I post them? Should I not post them? Post. Not post. Post. Not post…..

So post them already, lady. Get over it. It’s a food blog. Gosh. Sometimes you’re good, sometimes you’re bad. Continue Reading