Terri 7 square b“I wish I had a better picture of myself,” she said longingly to the computer screen. “But, clearly, your place is not on the lens side of the camera, sweetie,” replied her selfie.

No, I am not crazy or mentally unhinged any more than the average person. I’m simply imaginative (she murmured in lingering self-denial).

An About page is supposed to connect with and convince the reader that this blogger and the blog contents are worth the reader’s time and effort to visit often. Frankly, I’ve probably already lost 90% of those who read the first paragraph.

For the rest of you…

I started this particular blog in 2010 as an experimental extension of a previous personal blog. My personal blog had been going for about 2 years when suddenly one day I realized that I would like to try my hand at food blogging as a new hobby.

Hobbies are supposed to be a fun, relaxed method of self-education. Generally, they are not so public. But, what good would a food blog be if I did not share it? Hobbyists often share their creations with others, whether it’s crocheting doilies or sculpting with a chain saw.

I am not a professional cook and have not received any special training. I know what I know through trial and error, experimentation, reading and studying,other people and lots of years of experience.

Looking back over the past four years, I see how much I have grown personally and how much I have learned about the various aspects of my “hobby”. When I review the photos of that first food blogging year, I cringe every single time. For the most part they are heinous. 🙂 However, the recipes from that first year are consistently among my most visited posts. My ability to write a recipe has even improved…it’s trickier than you may think.

I love food blogging and am resolute and determined to improve at this hobby. I love to learn about and explore food, photography and writing. I feel happy when I have both a great recipe and great photos. I feel happier when people leave nice comments on my posts. I feel happiest when someone tries one of my recipes and takes the time to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

Terri & Chinese food
Eating the best Chinese food I have ever had! Goodness I wish I could drive back out to Oregon and buy some more of it.

If you’ve taken the time to get this far into my About page, your crown of jewels is at the jewelers getting its finishing touches. While you wait, I have prepared some great reading material for you throughout this blog. Before you head off with your clicking and scrolling finger poised over your mouse, here’s a list of 21 questionably interesting things about me. Thanks for dropping by!

The Fam

Twenty Questionably Interesting Things About Me:

  1. In October of 1980 I asked John to marry me. He said ‘okay’ and we were married the following April. I’ll do the math for you: we have been married for 33 years.
  2. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.
  3. When my youngest child was in the ninth grade, I went back to college and became a nurse. I have never once looked back and asked myself, “Why?” I love what I do.
  4. My favorite “outfit” is an old pair of green surgical scrubs. I do my best cooking when I’m wearing them.
  5. I watch sappy Hallmark Christmas movies (with my husband) November through January.
  6. My mother was from South Carolina and my father was from Michigan. I am conflicted.
  7. I got chicken pox when I was a junior in high school. Try surviving that social stigma!
  8. My father was a Civil Engineer who loved field work and hated office work. Therefore, we moved every 9 months-2 years, following my father wherever his company sent him. I have lived in ten states:  South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Delaware, New Jersey, Texas, and Utah; and have either visited, driven through, or flown over all of the others. Additionally, I have either lived in or visited 10 other countries.
  9. Once when I was skiing at Sundance, a man who was skiing just a little ahead of me stopped suddenly.  I couldn’t maneuver fast enough around him and ended up skiing over his skies.  He swore and as I looked back over my shoulder to apologize, I saw that it was Robert Redford.  I turned around and skied away really fast…
  10. I took piano lessons for 10 years…and organ lessons for 3 months. I also used to play the clarinet; my grandfather’s cows really enjoyed it.
  11. I am not afraid of “cream of whatever soups” with the red and white label. I am afraid of all the others.
  12. I have been and always will be accident prone.  I had my first set of stitches when I was 9 months old…had just learned to walk and fell flat on my face on some cement and ended up getting a laceration on my forehead. I was hit by a car when I was three years old…fractured skull, concussion, and a laceration 1/4″ from my left eye. (I’ve had lots of other injuries, but they are not really very notable ;). Wait, except for this one to the 5th finger of my left hand.) And three concussions…the afore mentioned car incident; a skiing mishap; aaaaaaaand a descending garage door. Good times. My cognitive future looks bright.
  13. I have flown around the world (not all in one trip) and was invited to sit in the cockpit of a 747 while flying from Bangkok to Manila.  The captain and I talked about religion.
  14. I attended 12 different schools between 1st and 12th grades. See #7 above.
  15. When I was little I threw a bottle of baby oil against the fireplace, it broke, and I blamed the mess on my little brother.  I got a well deserved spanking…harder than the one he got.
  16. I am allergic to chocolate. True. The allergy started during December of 2009. Sigh.
  17. I hate spiders, as in arachnophobia, but like tarantulas–they remind me of kittens.
  18. I was a Cub Scout Den Leader for two years. I am brave. I am fearless. I have no sense left.
  19. My mother wouldn’t allow me to cook when I lived at home. When I would ask if I could help her out in the kitchen, her immediate response was always, “Set the table.”
  20. I far prefer the sounds of Teva’s against the ground rather than high heels against tile or concrete. However, going barefoot trumps any shoe ever made.
You see this kid? He arrived on the planet 8 weeks early under some scary circumstances. I was there when he was born. I am a fully invested grandma.

Cuttin' Loose

Some Important Nitty Gritty

*****For contact information, please see my “Contact” page.

Recipes. As for the recipes on this blog, many of them are my own creations. If a recipe belongs to someone else, I clearly state the author of the recipe or where I found the recipe. You may re-post the ingredient list from my recipes on your personal blog or website, but you must rewrite the recipe instructions in your own words. A link back to my blog is required. If you use one of my recipes and make alterations to it, please give a link back to my blog for the original recipe.

Photos. Unless otherwise noted, all food photos are my own…for better or for worse. My photos may be used, as is and without any changes, on Pinterest and Facebook with a link back to my blog page on which the original photo is posted. All other uses of my photography is strictly prohibited without express written permission from me. It is absolutely prohibited to reformat any of my photos or to reassemble them in a collage format for any purpose without my written permission.

  • Note to bloggers who wish to use one of my photos in a collage format for a recipe round-up: I truly appreciate being included in “recipe round-ups”. However, my written permission (via email) is required for posting a photo from my blog. I am quite generous to fellow bloggers, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.


  1. cynthia abate says

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a sugar cookie recipe, although I have a few, I thought I would check out pinterest. In the midst of my very busy day in which I seem to not be accomplishing much at all due to various distractions, I enjoyed stopping one more time to read your Amish Cookie entry. What a sweet little boy! I will surely try the cookies as they look delicious! I hope you are enjoying this wonderful holiday season! It is snowing here so It is a good day to start baking…

    • says

      Hi Cynthia. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. We have snow on the ground and it is a cloudy day. I’d like it to snow today, but I may be the only one in the city who feels that way. 😉 I know what you mean about a busy day and distractions and that blasted Pinterest! It is a hoarder’s dream come true: you can collect all the stuff you want and it takes up no more space than your computer. Thanks for the well wishes for the Holidays and I hope that you, too, are enjoying the Season. ~Terri

  2. Samantha says

    I found your site through a search for crockpot steel cut oats with fruit. (I’m looking forward to trying your recipe with peaches and blueberries). Over an hour later, multiple recipes printed in hand, I navigated to this ‘about’ page, and I’m hooked. As a fellow holiday-lifetime-movie-marathoner, a some-of-the-world traveler, and once-upon-a-time-organ-player (until I could convince my mother it was the so not cool second cousin of the piano) – I quite enjoy your humor and your creativity. Thanks for sharing your passions and gratitudes with the rest of us. Cheers to you.

    • says

      Hi Samantha. Welcome! I definitely feel your pain about the organ. My dad never did come to grips with the fact that I rejected the organ, despite the fact that he personally fawned over the piano far more than the organ. Yay for you over the movie marathons! Those have reached the rank of tradition in our house. What’s on your movie marathon list? Thank you for your kind comments and please come back by to let me know how the recipes have worked for you and any additions or changes that you made to them. Recipes are like living languages; they grow and evolve with use and differing perspectives. ~Terri

  3. tanja says

    I came across your blog by way of tasty kitchen and pioneerwoman, I love both of them. so now I have added you to the favorites list. I like that you write simple and easy recipes. I will be using your blog a lot. thanks so much.

  4. Kelly W says

    Hi Terri,
    Still my first day of ‘exploring’ your site after finding it….
    Loved your ‘about’ page. 🙂
    I had to laugh about your 3rd paragraph where you say you’ve probably lost 90% of those who read the 1st paragraph, NOT this reader!! 🙂

    I couldn’t believe how many of your 21 interesting things about you that we have in common!!
    #2-though I only have 2 children, I’m very happy to have 3 grandkids to spoil!!
    #5- I LOVE the ‘sappy” Hallmark Christmas movies!! 🙂
    #6- Your dad was from Michigan, that’s where I was raised!
    #7-While my son was a junior (or maybe senior) in high school HE got chicken pox and gave them to ME!! Yikes, I was in my 30’s…not good.
    #12- I refuse to use ANYTHING except the red & white label cream of soups. I do use the healthy request ones though 😉
    #17-Ohhhh I WISH I were allergic to chocolate, that way I’d STAY AWAY from it!!
    #19-I was a (co) Cub Scout den leader and loved it!!
    #20-I didn’t get to help cook while young either…..only set the table 🙁
    #21-Barefoot definitely trumps any shoe ever made!! I’d be barefoot year round if it weren’t for the snow!!

    One more comment on your ‘about’ page…..what a great looking family! I really like the picture where all the adults are holding the little ones upside-down…very cute. 🙂

  5. David says

    I have to ask why did your mom didn’t let you help her in the kitchen? Moms love if their kids show interest in learning to cook.

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