The movie, “While You Were Sleeping” begins with Sandra Bullock’s voice narrating over pictorial vignettes from her life as a child. She opens with the following lines as she recounts memories of her childhood. “First, I remember being with my dad. He would get these far-off looks in his eye, and he would say, ‘Life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan.’ I just wish I realized at the time he was talking about MY life.”

We’ve all been there, right? We’ve all found ourselves in situations where our lives were not turning out the way we’d planned. That’s where I am right now.

I got sick a few weeks ago–quite sick. Four doctors worth of sick. That’s why there haven’t been any posts since October 15.

I’d tell you about the illness, but really…this isn’t a good forum for talking about it. I have another blog, a personal blog, that would be a better forum for discussing such matters. I’ve kept the blog private for 7 or 8 years, but now see the need to open it publicly. It’s not quite ready yet to open, but it will be open in the near future.

In the meantime, I am getting better bit by bit. I can’t believe that all of my remaining October blog plans came to naught and my November plans are already being impinged upon. It makes me sad.

I cooked tonight for the first time in several weeks. It was a super simple meal of pancakes and a couple of pieces of bacon. Now the house smells like cooked bacon.

Have you ever noticed that bacon cooking makes a house smell wonderful, but cooked bacon just makes a house smell like old grease? I smell like old bacon grease now, too. yay.

Anyway, I want to post something this week. Realistically, it won’t happen until towards the end of the week. It will probably be something with quinoa. Don’t get your knickers in a twist about a post on quinoa. Would you believe that it is pretty much the only food I have wanted to eat for about three weeks? Quinoa. Who knew? I actually craved this quinoa salad the whole time I’ve been sick. Why? What is there about this salad that my body has needed? It’s not like I am a super intensely focused healthy eater. I generally eat a fairly balanced diet–lots of fruits and veggies, lowish fat, no problems with dairy and love all things bread, light on the meat. But the quinoa craving has been really interesting.

Oh well. Wish me luck on the healing front. I’ll be back. I think I need to go power wash myself to get the smell of bacon grease off of me. ~Terri

Hey, I just thought of something–if anyone is interested, leave me messages in the comment section telling what great things are going on in your lives. You really need to understand that when I say ‘great things’, I mean that even if you say “all I did today was take the garbage can to the curb”, I consider that GREAT! Just think–you had the ability to get outside and move a garbage can!!!!!! Do you know what that means to someone who is not well enough for even that mundane task? I’d LOVE to hear what other people are doing. YAY YOU!!!!!!!


  1. Julia says

    Hey Teri..
    I’m happy you are on the mend from your health woes. I don’t know what these woes are but I know that I am bearing down on 50 years old in less than a week (whoa, what?!) and when I am able to wake up, stretch in bed to work out all the kinks, and paddle downstairs for a cup of coffee, then I am a happy woman. So you go girl!

    • says

      Hi Julia. Here’s a lesson to learn from me about turning 50. When I turned 49 I had a little mental melt down (it didn’t help that I was literally in my last week of nursing school and facing finals!). During that year I would frequently say, “I am going to be 50 on my next birthday” and then I would get scared or depressed or feel very sober and reflective. I totally missed the glory of being 49. It was as if I spent two years being 50–the year that I was 49 and kept thinking about turning 50 and the year that I actually was 50.

      So, here are your marching orders: Every day until your birthday, OWN being 49. OWN it. The first thing when you wake and while you are doing your stretching thing, say to yourself in a sassy, smug voice, “I am 49! 49! four-nine! Great, jumping Jehoshaphat it is great to be 49!”

      hahahaha, thinking about that made me laugh. ~Terri

  2. Samantha says

    I’ve been chasing after my two little monsters, ages 3 and 1, reminding myself to appreciate every moment and to dwell in patience. We cleaned the yard and garage this weekend, purging a lot, and it gave me an opportunity to soak up the fall weather and feel accomplished. On the other hand, no homemade meals. I suppose these moments are a constant ebb and flow…sometimes productive in ways not first idealized, but always worthy of gratitude. Sending positive thoughts your way of health and happiness.

    • says

      Samanatha–we have lots of days with no homemade meals. It makes them all the sweeter when we do have them.

      3 and 1–those are such great ages. Hard, but great. Those little toddler legs moving so fast–the only thing moving faster are the toddler hands. 🙂 I love toddler voices, too. I love hearing the funny things they say and I love hearing them try to say their first words or their newest words.

      Yay for you for having a clean garage! I remember that I had a clean garage once. It was great! hahaha ~Terri

  3. Jean V. says

    Terri, I am sending love and prayer and positive strong thoughts your way. I have been doing things to get ready for our “chilly” weather here in Florida! It was in the 50’s! Brrrrr! Still, it feels like pot roast and chili time and I really enjoy this time of the year. The rain is gone and windows are being cleaned! Get well my friend. I’ve missed you.

    • says

      Jean, 50’s in Florida really is kind of chilly because of the humidity. I remember when I moved to Utah, I went most of my first winter here with only a warm sweater. I had been used to the humidity of the South, which made hot feel sweltering and cool/cold feel to the bone! In Utah, the climate is dry which means that temperature transference to skin and through clothing isn’t as intense as it is in a humid climate. Or something like that. I think I got lost in my words on that explanation.

      Mmmm…pot roast and chili! I must be getting better. Those sound really great right now! ~Terri

  4. Eric says

    Love your posts and sense of humor, get well soon. I took a long walk in the forest yesterday and had a nice visit with a chipmunk.

    • says

      Thanks, Eric. Forest walks are the best! I have had my fair share of those, too. Growing up, my cousins and I spent hours and hours playing in the pine forests on my grandmother’s property. There weren’t any chipmunks–our native wildlife consisted of rattle snakes, black widow spiders and the possibility of feral rabid cats. No wonder I am so demented!

      However, in my adult years I have lived in a totally different part of the country and we do have forests with chipmunks. They are so cute, especially the semi-tame ones that know how to beg for food. Forest walks are a blessing. I’m glad that you got to do that. ~Terri

  5. Carol says

    Hi Terri…I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been having 4 doctors worth of health issues. Sending boatloads of prayers, good thoughts and healing hugs your way.

    What have I been doing? Let’s see…..procrastinating about washing windows and blinds-I’m GOOD at procrastinating you see.

    I’ve been having fun with the roller coaster New England temperatures-one day winter, the next day summer….those summer days I get outside and soak up as much sunshine as I can.

    I’ve picked up a crochet hook and am attempting to dust off my haven’t used them in a millenium skills………so far I’ve ripped apart the project 4 times-huh? I used to be able to do these things with my eyes closed. This brain getting older thing is for the birds. At least I can still knit without too much hassle….yet.

    Today? Off to the Christmas Tree Shop to scoop up a whole lotta bargains.

    Feel better soon-you’ve been missed a lot! 🙂

    • says

      Thank you, Carol. I think we must be kindred spirits. Ditto on the dirty windows and blinds. AND ditto on the crocheting! I used to crochet, too, and have recently been thinking that I’d like to take it up again. I can still feel the rhythm of it in my hands–muscle memory, I guess.

      Ooooooo, I am seriously jealous about you and the Christmas Tree Shop. I love Christmas googaas! About six weeks ago I bid on a Christmas basket at a fund raiser at a local nunnery and won it…Do you actually “win” something by outbidding other people? I mean, what really happened was that I paid more for something than anyone else was willing to pay. Is that a win? It is completely opposite from what you are doing. However, it was a really great basket with a snowman theme. It included a cookie jar, candle holder, night light, 4 cute cheese/condiment spreaders, napkin rings, place mats.

      Let me know what your haul is from your shopping excursion! ~Terri

  6. Barbara says


    Feel better soon. You are so right about having the ability to do “anything” being a plus in life.
    I am surviving breast & colon cancer & have found through this unfamiliar journey that most everything of emphasis in our lives is not at all important unless it is loving family & those who remain close. My favorite saying from one who did not survive is: “It Is Just A Thing!” Not much actually matters in life other than loving fully from the heart & SOUL.
    Chasing the children, taking out the rubbish, waiting on line while the person in front of you is chatting with the checker, engaging the “miffed” person in conversation behind who is becoming more bent out of shape because of the
    delay, or the old WWII, Korean or other veteran tells you a story for umpteenth time because he “remembers” & wants to remain connected to humanity. I’ve learned “When we make plans GOD laughs” & throws us an unanticipated curve ball simply to Get Our Attention, this is the time for deep soul searching which is staring us in the face. Whatever you are able to do today is a gift not a burden & is given because we are still here on GOD’s earth for a REASON; it is up to each of us to figure it out, it might take a long time to figure it out but we will touch a lot of lives as we go forward.
    Not everyone will have the opportunity to find the REASON we are here as I have but believe me if you stop for a few minutes of quiet time day after day you will find YOUR REASON for being.
    Again Terri, feel better, listen to the birds songs, the laughter of children, & the messages of this who love you.

    • says

      Hi Barbara–Your comment is loaded with great wisdom. I am so sad about your breast and colon cancer and that you have had to experience those illnesses. You probably saw my previous post about breast cancer; cancer effects us all in one way or another. Your quote, “It is just A Thing!” reminds me of a 19 year old patient I once had. She had been through so much in her young life–a devastating car accident, death, and had just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I had her as a patient. We were talking while I was in her room and she was telling me her story. I remarked on her experiences and she shrugged and softly said, “Everybody has their stuff.”

      I do know what you mean about finding the reason each of us is here on God’s earth. I think that God leads us little by little towards our purpose, each thing building on the next. The times that lead us to deep soul searching are the very hardest and the ones that bring us closest to God. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases. One of them almost took my life. I was so sick that I wanted to die. I was ready to die. I asked God to take me, but he wouldn’t do it. I used to equate the events of that serious illness as descending into the abyss. One day as I lay curled up and suffering and imagining myself descending farther into the blackness of the abyss, I felt that Jesus was holding me in his arms and descending into the abyss with me. He didn’t stop what was happening; he just went with me. He didn’t leave me alone. ~Terri

  7. Maxine says

    I’m so sorry you are under the weather. I’m glad you are on the mend and can see some improvement–at least enough to make pancakes. Let’s see, I’ve been making a quilt to go on my new queen bed for our guest room. That’s my hobby–making quilts.

    My husband was just diagnosed with diabetes so I’ve been cooking a lot. We’re trying out new recipes and finding out what works and what sends his glucose levels up. All part of the learning process.

    I hope you continue to heal. Take very good care of yourself.

    • says

      Maxine–I LOVE quilts! I used to quilt, too. My favorite was making small quilts to use on tabletops or as wall hangings. I think it is so great that you are making a bed quilt. Is it pieced or appliqued or both? What are the colors? Do you hand quilt them or do you use a quilting machine?

      I’m sorry about your husband and diabetes. My husband is type II diabetic, too, having been diagnosed when he was 41. He is now insulin dependent. Diabetes definitely requires a life-style change. There is a ton of good information on-line for diabetics. The biggest keys to managing diabetes are diet and exercise. Oh, and try to stay away from “diet” drinks and artificially sweetened foods. Although the carb count is very low or at zero, the body still responds to the artificial sweeteners as if they were the real deal. It is fascinating, really. ~Terri

  8. Donna says

    Hi Teri! I only started reading your food blog a couple of months ago, but I did wonder what happened to it! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been really out of your day to day world!

    I have a 4 year old granddaughter who’s been keeping me very busy lately! We do so many fun things together and we both love the beautiful (but a bit cold & blustery!) Fall days we’ve been having up here in Bethlehem, PA. We’ve made Halloween crafts, baked cookies, gone shopping, played with Legos (her new-found fave!), colored in coloring books (my old, old fave!), and made up lots of silly songs in the car!

    Hope you feel like your “old self” soon and I look forward to reading and cooking from your blog in the near future! Take care!

    • says

      Hi Donna. Coloring books are so fun! I have always kept a giant box of Crayola crayons at the ready since I can remember. A year or two ago my oldest grandson, now 7, found my big box of crayons. I can still see the look on his face as he looked from them to me and back to the crayons again. At first I thought, “nooooooooo, he found my crayons!!!!”, but then I settled down and found joy in the fact that he liked them as much as I did.

      We do the Lego thing around here, too. I saved my son’s Legos from when he was growing up. No my grandsons play with them. I love their creations.

      I’m so glad that you get to spend time with your granddaughter. I think that grandchildren are God’s best kept secret. I now understand the look in my grandmother’s eyes when she looked at me. I have that same look in my own eyes when I look at my grandchildren. I bet you do, too. ~Terri

  9. Grace Lindell says

    Wishing you well. Most everybody has times of recuperation like you describe- maybe not yet, but someday. I had knee replacement and couldn’t do much for six weeks, couldn’t take care of my family for almost three months. Felt really good then to push my walker, myself, and the trash to the curb. Again, wishing you well.

    • says

      Thank you, Grace. I am an orthopedic nurse, so I know about knee replacement surgery. I see folks often get one knee done and then come back a year (more or less) later and get the other one done. I always ask them if they are glad they got the first knee done and how things are going. All in all they are happy. The comment they most often make is that they are so glad not to have the pain of that bone-on-bone issue and all of the inflammation that comes with it. I’m so glad that you are able to get around well now! ~Terri

  10. cathy says

    I started a new job ,driving a school bus. Love the little ones, they make me smile. I also got a new kitten who I’m totally smitten with. Feel better 🙂

    • says

      Hey, what a great job, Cathy. I am totally impressed that you can drive a school bus! Wow!

      I’m a cat person, too. Congrats on your new kitten. Is it a girl or boy? What color? Any special breed? What did you name it? Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with me today. ~Terri

  11. Colleen says

    I’d like to say something really inspiring, but actually, my day has been ordinary…i get to work from home 3 days/week and today is an “at home” day…a little laundry mixed in with work, sick kid at home to nurse (maybe a little too much Halloween fun)…read a great article on…the article touched a nerve because i too have triple negative breast cancer…after 6 months of chemo, 6 weeks of radiation, 3 surgeries, i have walked the long road back…my hair has grown in, i feel more like my old self physically (actually went rock climbing this past week), so there’s that, for what it’s worth, my inspirational speech

    • says

      Colleen, I find it really inspiring that you took the time to share some of your life with me. Ordinary days are the best days. They are the days by which the really good days and the really bad days are measured.

      Thank you for sharing about your breast cancer. It gives me hope for my friend, Rita, that I wrote about in my Angeletti post. She is still more at the beginning of her journey, having just finished her chemo. They needed to shrink the tumor before they could operate, so we are waiting to see how that has worked. Rita doesn’t have her hair, of course, so she wears her little hats.

      Congrats to you on going rock climbing! I can only imagine what a great day that must have been for you, getting to do something physically wonderful. I have never been rock climbing, but my son loves it. I have gone rock hunting…does that count? haha ~Terri

  12. Julie J says

    I wish you a speedy recovery Terri, have been wondering why you weren’t posting any neato recipes!
    …’s Monday at the office and the day is dragging. It’s 59 degrees and sunny in the metropolitan detroit area. My husband is making pork chops for dinner tonight (because mine turn out like shoe leather) and I can’t wait!
    It’s November already and I’m thinking about craft show shopping with my Mom and Thanksgiving food.
    Ok, I’ll stop rambling now. I hope you enjoyed!

    • says

      Julie–wahoo! You get to eat pork chops for dinner! I lousy at cooking pork chops, too. Even when I use a meat thermometer, my pork chops come out dry. The rest of the family can cook great chops, but not me. ha!

      Craft show shopping sounds like so much fun. This is the BEST time of year for crafts. It looks like the Holidays threw up everywhere and I love it. ~Terri

  13. Anya says

    Today I’m at work, no bigggie, however, yesterday – YESTERDAY! – I was home with my 5 year old and my 18 month old and we hosted the 5 year old’s very first playdate and the mom, get this – she said that my house was ‘so organized'(!!!). That was after a morning of yelling at the 5 year old to pick up the playroom or I would call to cancel the playdate. I also had a pumpkin roasting and cookies in the oven from homemade dough we had made a few weeks ago. I have to tell you I am just so damn proud of myself because usually my house is a mess and we are eating quesadillas or frozen pizza. I just discovered your blog and never, ever comment on anything but felt compelled to do so today. Perhaps that is because I am procrastinating at work. Maybe we are kindred spirits. In any case I hope you are well enough to take the trash out soon, it’s starting to smell! (oh wait, that’s MY trash…)

    • says

      hahahaha, Anya! Yay for you that you had an organized day! I love those days. I want one of those days. May I please borrow your five year old?

      The cookies and the roasting pumpkin sound so perfect for Fall. It’s like a Normal Rockwell painting.

      About those quesadillas and frozen pizza…been there, done that. A lot. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that quesadillas are on my agenda for right now! ~Terri

    • says

      PS – I cleaned out the fridge and scrubbed my gas stove top this weekend. Not exactly great jobs to do, but I did a great job cleaning them ;). Now if I could only work up the gumption to clean the sliding glass door track – it’s bad, bad, bad.

      • says

        Why did you just tell me about your sliding glass door track? Why? I had forgotten about how bad they get…and guess who is taking out her French doors in the family room and installing a sliding glass door THIS WEEK???????? Actually, I have been so sick that I had completely forgotten that this was installation week. At least I think that it is installation week. We ordered the new door back in early September, so I think that this is the right week.

        On the up side–hooray for you on the clean fridge and the gas stove top!!!!! I WEEP over my gas stove top. No matter how much I scrub I cannot seem to get it clean. Do you use any special products or techniques to clean your stove top?

        Hunh. I was just sitting here typing this response to you and realized that it is getting dark outside. I couldn’t figure it out, but now I remember that the time changed yesterday. I suppose that I should reset my clocks. I sure wish that we didn’t have time changes. It’s just plain silly.

        Thanks for responding, Patricia. It has been so much fun today reading about everyone’s everyday lives. ~Terri

        • says

          my stove top procedure:
          1 – remove grates and burner caps. I used to scrub them with a scouring pad, but now I just run them through the dishwasher with no detergent.
          2 – douse the stove top with “Awesome”. It’s a really awesome degreaser that costs $1.50 at WalMart. Let is soak until it loosens all the gunk (sometimes have to respray to keep the surface wet until it does its thing).
          3 – sop up all the loosened gunk with copious wads of paper towels.
          4 – dry the surface well, then polish with glass cooktop cleaner. No, I don’t have a glass cooktop, but it really does a good job of getting the difficult spots.
          5 – if all else fails, I pull out the retractable razor blade scraper (works great on the glass door too).

  14. Nancy H says

    Hi Terri….I feel bad that you’ve been having a hard time and am sending prayers and good thoughts to you.

    Here in Arizona the temps finally began to cool down (below the 100s) the second week of October. I love to walk for my exercise but this year the summer heat really got to me and it has been 4 months since I’ve done it on a regular basis. For the last few weeks my goal has been to walk 5-6 days a week, at least 2 miles to build up to 3 by the end of October. Yesterday and today I did 3 miles easy so that is what is great with me today!

    Also, yesterday was really nice and cool so I made a beef stew with mashed potatoes for dinner, it called for fresh rosemary and thyme and was really good. While that was in the oven I took down the Halloween witches and put up the turkeys, leaving out the pumpkins and fall stuff ’til Thanksgiving.

    Be Well!

    • says

      Wow, Nancy! Temps are finally below the 100’s! I don’t know you survive with temps consistently over 100.

      Arizonians and Minnesotans have to be some of the sturdiest people in the continental US. I can’t even manage temperature extremes in my own house over a couple of degrees in either direction of my comfort zone–which changes depending on the state of my hormones. hahahaha

      Good for you that you are walking so much. It’s great exercise. Plus, you met your distance goal. Wahoo!

      Roast with fresh herbs served over mashed potatoes. Oh my goodness, that sounds so amazing. Several people have mentioned in the comments what they’ve been eating. For the first time in weeks food is sounding wonderful. Too bad we can’t have a pot luck at my house!

  15. says

    Terri–Sorry you haven’t been feeling good, and hope you have a rapid recovery. Missed you posting yummy recipes!

    We’ve been going thru health challenges at our house with my dear Husband. He’s gone thru a few doctors, also and hasn’t been able to make it to work much in October. Myself, I’ve been still going to the gym and to work–not too much excitment.

    • says

      Jan, so sorry to hear about your husband. Health challenges can be really demoralizing.

      It’s great, though, that you get to go to the gym and to work. It’s such a blessing to have those in your life! Work out a few minutes longer for me, okay? ~Terri

  16. Mary-Lynn Behrens says

    Great day today…helped install an art exhibit even though the installer and I were both tired and uninspired. It will bring pleasure to thousands, thank goodness. Thanks for the update, hang in there and I hope you’ll soon feel like throwing the garbage, not just taking it out. Seriously, life is unpredictable and you have my very best wishes. Love your blog even though it took me a long time to find it.

    • says

      Mary-Lynn, installing an art exhibit sounds as though it is where inspiration and perspiration meet for a bit of a reality check. I can imagine that it would take quite a bit of orchestration to get the right pieces displayed in the most advantageous places in the gallery. Is this your art work? Does the exhibit have a theme? Is it aimed at a particular audience?

      One more question–how did you know that I like to throw things, including garbage? snicker ~Terri

  17. says

    Dear Terri,

    I am so very sorry to hear that you have been so sick! I am glad to hear that you are on the mend and back in the kitchen frying up bacon! You are such a giving and caring person and you deserve only good and happy days ahead. I will keep you in my prayers and I hope you get back to good health very soon so you can cook all your delicious and inspiring dishes and share them here.

    It has been a pleasure to talk to you and get to know you these past few years while we blog. Every time I look at my counter tops I think of how you inspired me to take the plunge with Silestone and I love them. 🙂 I still like to look at your kitchen redesign photos… and drool. 🙂

    Take care dear friend and I hope you are feeling 100% better soon!!

    Hugs! Ramona xo

    • says

      Ramona, you are the sweetest person. Believe it or not, I often think of you and your counter-tops, too! And your sunflowers! Every so often the pictures of your cabinets with the sunflowers on top of them will pop into my head and it makes me smile. Such a happy kitchen!

      Thank you for being my bloggy friend. You are amazing with your ability and commitment to post something every single day. Absolutely amazing! If I could eat your curries on a regular basis, I know that I would never be sick again. Those delicious dishes are enough to ward off the devil himself. lol ~Terri

  18. Dalila G. says

    Hi Terri! *waving*

    Sorry to hear you’ve been ill, I was wondering about your blog posts, I’ve missed them.
    But, I figured you were very busy with your grandchildren, always a fabulous excuse not to post, grandchildren are the BEST! 🙂
    I am sending you loads of ‘feel better soon’, ‘get better soon’, ‘do better soon’ ((( hugs))) and wishes. 🙂
    Not much happening with me except that I have been doing better with my baking.
    My cakes are actually level!!! LOL!! No angles and drooping middles! LOL!!
    I have also learned how to change my oil on my own car, yay me!!
    It was a bit messy at first, but I did do it.
    Hubby’s very proud of me, but he still wants to do all the car maintenance, I’ll just supervise him. 😉
    Have a great day and rest up.
    You’ll be back on track soon.

    • says

      Hi Dalila (waving wildly back at you)!

      You are right, grandchildren ARE the best! I could have never imagined the absolutely incredible feelings of love and sheer joy of grandchildren until, of course, I had one of my very own. I was in my last few weeks of nursing school when my first grandchild was born. School was intense and I thought for sure that I would never make it through finals. I put a large photo of my little grandson in the front of my notebook and would sit in class staring at it. His little sweet face would give me the peace that I needed to face those last few weeks. When I was studying for finals one day at home, I brought him into my bedroom with me and made a cuddly “nest” for him on my favorite blanket. He laid there sleeping quietly and I studied–a little bit–but mostly I sat on the bed and just stared at him. It was the best!

      I am SO proud of you for learning to change the oil in your car! My dad taught me how to do it when I was a teenager getting ready to head off to college for the first time. That was a long, long time ago and I no longer remember how to do it. You’ve inspired me to get my husband to re-teach me how to change the oil. As a matter of fact, it makes me excited just thinking about it!

      Oh, and how jealous am I that you are making perfect cakes?????? Layer cakes are my baking weakness. The only thing that I am worse at than layer cakes is pie crust. Have you ever noticed that there are no pies on this blog? I guess that I have a few more things to add to my rather short bucket list: learn to change the oil in the car; learn how to make splendid cakes; learn how to make admirable pie crusts. Thanks for the inspiration, Dalila!

      Thanks for the hugs and the well wishes. It makes my day brighter. ~Terri

  19. says

    Hi Terri, I just found your blog–via The Pioneer Woman’s and I think one other stop–and am clearly coming in at a not-great time. I just wanted to send you well wishes. I’m sorry you received such a curve ball blow. Trust yourself to heal–eat that quinoa if your body is telling you too–and I hope you feel better after all of this than you did even before.

    • says

      Hi Jenny. I’m so glad to have you here. Thank you for leaving a comment. Sorry about the timing. I even wrote to Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen staff and apologized for not posting to their site since they are spot-lighting me right now. Could my timing be worse????? haha

      In the meantime, take a look at some of my past posts. It’s a mixed bag around here, a bit unpredictable, but full of happiness and joy and real life. If there is one thing life has taught me over the past few years, it is that there is joy to be had every day, even amidst the worst of days.

      I should go make some quinoa now. 🙂 ~Terri

  20. Tricia Layton says

    Oh man! My day was so full of adventure and awesomeness! I was totally super mom today. To start off the day, Tim made the kids cereal for breakfast while I was at work. I came home, the kids went to school, Ander went down for his first nap, and I took a much needed shower. I then got Ander up, picked Kade up from school, made grilled cheese sandwiches, then sat on the couch while Kade watched Tarzan and played with toys and Ander climbed all over me until it was nap time again. Once both kids were down, I decided that maybe I should do a little work, so I folded a load of laundry. Then I some how wasted the next hour and half doing a whole bunch of nothing. The kids woke up, Gavin came home from school, and we started working on his homework. I figured it had been a few weeks since I made an actual dinner, so it was time to cook for my family again. I made white chili while helping Gavin with spelling. When he finished, he took Ander outside and all three boys played on the tramp until dinner was done and Ander’s fingers were frozen. The boys came in and ate. Ander smeared his chili all over his face and hair and then threw his bowl on the ground and made chili splatter everywhere. I cleaned it up, tore up some pieces of bread and gave it to him so he could dip it in the chili and eat it that way (he won’t let us spoon feed him anymore:( ), and then quickly ate my own chili. I then bathed Ander and Kade while Gavin took a shower. Right after I got Ander dressed for bed, Tim came home and finished putting the boys to bed, while I did a whole bunch of nothing again and then I went to sleep. See… super mom. Ha. We miss you and love you. I hope things continue to improve for you. Love you!

    • says

      Trade ya. ha!

      Sounds to me like a GREAT day; the BEST day; a definite SUPERMOM day! It sounds to me like all of those same kinds of days that I had when you were growing up and I thought that they were about as exciting as…well…me in a Wonder Woman costume with a flat chest. And I am so glad that I had those days.

      I wouldn’t trade any of those flat-chested wonder woman days for anything. I totally doubted myself as a mom when you guys were growing up and looking back I feel sad for the mistakes that I made. BUT I am so, so happy about days just like the one you just described. Days spent living in the dark blue mini van (with your name etched into the door) driving you to dance and Matt to soccer and having Katie trapped in her car seat because that meant that she was contained and not creating some disaster or another. Days of making breakfast for you guys–it was my thing, making breakfast almost every morning. I don’t know why, but it was so important to me that you guys have a hot breakfast every morning. I might feed you cold cereal or ice cream for dinner, but by George you were going to have a hot a breakfast. hahaha

      Some of my favorite memories of you when you were little: you playing dress-up and twirling around and around; you laying on a stair, all tucked into it perfectly like it was made just for you, all cozy and safe; you with your ponytail-on-the-side and your bow to finish “the look”; you with your prissy, girly girl self, loving everything about being a little girl; you being so wise when you were six years old saying “just think, Mom, you might see a homeless child wearing one of these outfits one day and you will be so happy that you could help them”, as the tears streamed down my face because I was giving away all of the baby clothes that you guys had worn and that I knew I would never use again because I couldn’t have any more babies; you sitting beside me on a bench in the mall one day when you were two years old and we looked at a new cookbook together that I had just bought; you in your first pair of pointe shoes; you running track in Texas and dad and I not being able to tell you from all of the other dark haired, tanned-skin girls on the track until you started wearing a white pony-tail scrunchie and dad and I would say to each other as we sat in the stands, “where’s the white scrunchie–do you see her?”; you coming home from prom and throwing yourself on my bed and kicking your feet in the air and yelling “he kissed me!!!!”; you coming home from a group date and telling us about how you had to teach the other girls how to pee in the woods without getting pee everywhere; you showing up unexpectedly with Tim for the first time and catching dad in his underwear in the kitchen and me, luckily, in my robe making breakfast and dad saying to Tim, “well, you’ve seen us looking like this, now you have to marry her” and so he did–Tim did marry you; you in your wedding dress standing in the back yard with the yard ablaze with round tables covered in hot pink table cloths; you pregnant x 3; you loving on your boys–any day; you. ~Mom

      P.S.–Would you please, please, please write the story of the boys and their “pet” rat and post it here in the comment section? Please? It is my very favorite story (so far) about the boys’ antics. I think about it often and it makes me laugh.

  21. Donna says

    Terri, I’m so sorry that you’ve been ill. I’ve missed you and am glad to know that you are improving!

  22. Rie says

    Hi Terri,
    Like everyone else I missed your postings and was so very sorry to hear about your health issues. Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better.
    Let’s see……I’ve had ordinary days. Nothing fantastic but I was able to take lunch for 2 days in a row!!! That’s something.
    Sending you hugs and good thoughts…xoxoxox

    • says

      Rie–lunch two days in a row? Are you kidding me? Good for you! I am totally jealous. I’ve actually seen people take lunch breaks and for the life of me I cannot figure out how they manage it. I try it from time to time when I am working, but it always ends up the same–I’ll get my food all ready to eat and literally, the moment I open my mouth for the first bite, one of my patients will call for something. Every. single. time. Never fails. 🙂

      Thanks for the hugs and good thoughts. *smiling* ~Terri

  23. Maxine says

    Hi again Terri. I wrote earlier telling you that I was working on a quilt and you asked me what kind I was working on–applique or piecing. The one that I’m working on right now is pieced. Here is a link that I thought you might like to look at. My husband takes pictures of most of my quilts and it’s on his photography site.

    Here’s the link:

    This is just a few of them. We only started taking pictures of them about 10 years ago. I’ve been quilting for about 30 years.

    I hope you are better soon.

    • says

      Maxine, your quilts are absolutely stunning! You are so talented! I especially love the colorful ones with the swirls of ribbon/lace. ALL of your quilts are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I kept enlarging the pictures, taking off my glasses and would get right up close to the computer screen so that I could see your stitching. Love it! ~Terri

  24. Tracey says

    Awww…four doctors sick just stinks.:( I’m glad you are on the mend. Sending you “feel better” thoughts your way!

  25. Kelly W says

    I’ve just come across your website through a recipe (chicken cordon bleu casserole) that you posted on Tasty Kitchen. I’ve been “exploring” your site and just read this post.
    My wish (and a prayer) for you is that you good health find you SOON!! 🙂

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