5 Great Dinner Rolls

5 Great Dinner Rolls

Are you in charge of the dinner rolls anytime soon? Try one of these great suggestions!

Sunday Best Dinner Rolls

I call these my “Sunday Best” dinner rolls. They are light and airy, so you can eat lots of other things and still eat yourself silly on these great tasting rolls.

Elegant and Easy Dinner Rolls with frozen roll dough {Rhodes}

Ain’t got no stinking time to make rolls? Try these Elegant and Easy Dinner Rolls, made from Rhodes roll dough (or other ‘ready made’ yeast dough). Simply defrost the roll dough, shape, and sprinkle with a salad seasoning such as Salad Elegance.

Paradise Dinner Rolls {better than King's Hawaiian!!}

Paradise Dinner Rolls. My-oh-my! These are my personal take on King’s Hawaiian Rolls. With pineapple juice and extra virgin coconut oil, these are the most flavorful roll on my blog. I could make a meal out of eating just these. aye-aye-aye, so wonderful!

Potato Rolls

A time honored recipe inspired by my grandmother, these Potato Rolls are delicate and tender with a “just right” sweetness.

No-Knead Dinner Rolls

These no-fuss No-Knead Dinner Rolls get rolls to the table with minimal effort on your part. All you need to make the dough is a big bowl and your best stirrin’ spoon. These are my family’s all-time favorite rolls and have been served at our table for many Holiday and Sunday meals. They are very flavorful and ridiculously easy to make!


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