Thanksgiving Updates

I’ve been doing a little dusting and cleaning around here. It’s only a figment of your imagination that I have not posted in over a week. Aside from my day job (which runs into a ‘half the night’ job), I have been trying to update some of my Thanksgiving posts.  The pictures were poor quality and I was a embarrassed knowing that people have been looking at them, probably throwing up a little in their mouths because of the sad little pics associated with the recipes. I used to have another blog on which I posted all sorts of non-food things and a few related recipes as an aside to my normal posting. The photos were…not so good, the editing was heinous because I didn’t have a photo editing program and didn’t know what I was doing with Picasa, and mostly I didn’t know anything about photography.  I still don’t know much of anything about photography, but I generally know a bad picture when I see one; which is more than I knew a few years ago.  Yes, I still post some bad pics, but they are a good deal better than my former bad pics.

I actually used to have two little point and shoot cameras. One worked well outdoors and the other one worked well indoors. The little point and shoot camera for outdoors was a real gem.  It took the most beautiful quality pictures. I had done something to mess up the indoor settings and couldn’t get things working at all. The point and shoot that I used indoors probably took a fairly good quality photo, however I didn’t have a clue as to how to edit the photos.

Whatever you do, don’t ask me for photo advice. I take hundreds of pics of a single food item, then pray that I get 2 or 3 good shots out of the bunch. I need some photography classes. Come to think of it, I have two photography geniuses who live right up the street from me and why I haven’t ever asked them for help, I’ll never know. It’s probably because I live in Terri World and life here is generally chaotic.

There are three updates on which I have been working, but only two of them are presented here in this post.  The pics on the third one are still a bomb, so I’ll keep working on them.  Please visit the two stuffings/dressings and consider them for your Thanksgiving meal.  Despite having been raised on Cornbread Dressing, my favorite stuffing/dressing is Sourdough Artichoke Parmesan Stuffing by Leslie Jo Parsens.  If you’d like to know the difference between stuffing and dressing, please visit this post.



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    LOL! You are so very cute! The stuffing looks amazing! As do all of your photos. I’d never have guessed you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing. Whatever you’re doing, it is working!!

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