Super Easy Glazed Carrots

Super Easy Glazed Carrots

One day as I stood peeling carrots for dinner I started thinking about what I could do with them that would be quick, easy, and taste good.  Brown sugar and butter popped into my head.  Whenever those two characters are in town together you know somethings about to taste really wonderful.

These easy glazed carrots will leave you asking yourself why you hadn’t done this to carrots before now.  Cook them until they are crisp tender, then add the brown sugar.

Easy Glazed Carrots

  • 6 carrots,  peeled with ends trimmed
  • 2 tablespooons butter
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • salt to taste
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar

Slice carrots into finger length pieces.  Cut thicker portions of carrots in halves or fourths lengthwise.

Melt butter in a deep frying pan; add olive oil and stir the two fats together.

Toss the carrots into the frying pan and stir to coat with butter/oil.  Cook over medium heat until crisp tender, stir occasionally.  Cover pan with a lid to enhance the cooking process.

When carrots have finished cooking, turn off heat source.  Sprinkle the carrots with 2 tablespoons brown sugar and stir.  The brown sugar will quickly dissolve and lightly glaze the carrots.  Serve as a compliment to Swedish Meatballs, Meatloaf, or chicken.

Glazed Carrots
Melt the butter in a skillet or frying pan over medium heat.
Glazed Carrots
Toss the carrots in the skillet with the melted butter and olive oil.
Glazed Carrots
Sprinkle with salt to taste
Glazed Carrots
Cook until crisp tender, stirring occasionally as needed.
Glazed Carrots
When carrots are done, turn off heat source and sprinkle brown sugar over carrots.  Stir until the sugar is well blended with the carrot juices and butter.  The sugar will dissolve into a light glaze.
Glazed Carrots
Even your children will enjoy these carrots.

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