Cooking with the Letter ‘D’

Gavin was studying the letter ‘D’ in preschool yesterday.   Most preschool teachers would think of nice things to do with the letter ‘D’; regular, ordinary kinds of things like dog or deer or Dad.  But not Gavin’s teacher.  She was a bit more inventive, deciding to focus instead on the word ‘disgusting’ and using food to help make her point.  The kids got to smell sour milk and wipe their dirty hands on a piece of bread so that they can grow mold on it for next week.  Try hard not to get queasy.

While Tricia was telling me about this over the phone, I decided to focus on the word ‘delicious’ and looked up foods that begin with the letter ‘D’.  Surprisingly, there aren’t that many.  I did manage to find two that I thought would be fun for Gavin…okay, one that I thought would be fun for Gavin and the other one was for the rest of us.  Dirt Pie for Gavin, and Dump Cake for the rest of us.

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